4 Tips for Starting Your Firearm Collection

The most important part of gun collecting is taking that first step and simply starting your collection. That said, buying your first firearm can feel like a formidable task. Should you buy a top-tier rifle right away? Do you want to begin with a shotgun or a pistol? Where can you find good gun deals online? These are a few of the questions we all ask before buying our first firearm, and the process does not have to be complicated. Follow these steps, and you will have an excellent roadmap to creating your gun collection.

Figure Out What Type of Gun You Want

First things first: figure out what kind of gun you want. One of the best ways to decide is by determining the purpose of your new firearm. If you are hunting, you will most likely be looking at different guns than if you want something for concealed carry. The firearm market is extensive, so narrowing down your choices can help you get a good start. For instance, it is easier to find modern pistols for sale than to find a World War I Springfield 1903. The key is to keep your focus as narrow as possible, so you are not overwhelmed by the number of options.

Set Your Budget— Cheap Guns or Not?

After you have decided on the type of gun you want, it is important to set your budget accordingly. Searching for cheap guns might net the results you are looking for, but the process could be more complex than that. Even something as simple as a hunting rifle can vary, so you will want to find a good deal on a solid firearm. If you are entirely new to guns, you might want to take it slow and find a more budget-friendly option as your first firearm purchase.

Think of Accessories

Like buying a new car, buying your first gun involves after-purchase costs. There are the necessities—a case, a holster, and ammunition. Then, there are extra accessories that you might have your eye on—sights, slings, and spare magazines. Be sure to include these add-ons into your budget. Otherwise, your firearm might be more than you expected. You want to go home with your perfect first gun, not one missing an extended stock or laser sight.

Guns Online or In-Store—Where Should You Go?

Now, you are ready to buy your first gun. The biggest question remaining is where to go to make your purchase. If you feel prepared and know exactly what you want, purchasing guns online can be a great option. A trusted online firearm marketplace can provide one of the most comprehensive selections available. If you still are unsure about what type of gun you want, a local gun shop could be a good place to talk to an experienced gun owner. A salesperson will be able to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have about the process.

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